RESET FOR REMISSION - Research study about diabetes remission

What is the study ?

RESET for Remission is a research study looking to help people with Type 2 Diabetes achieve diabetes remission through a low-calorie diet (provided by the study) and exercise.

For this study, you will have several evaluations including blood tests, fitness tests and MRI. You will also have some online forms to fill. These evaluations will happen at the beginning, middle, and end of the 6 month study period.


Like a flip coin, a computer program will randomly place you into one of two groups

1) Usual care: keep your usual care, offered the low-calorie diet components at the end of the 6-month study period with regular call with a dietitian and physician

2) Exercise and low-calorie diet: offered the low-calorie diet components, regular calls with a dietitian and physician for a close follow-up as well as a structured exercise program supervised by an exercise physiologist for 6 months


We will compare the two groups to figure out the best way of reversing diabetes and improving heart health.

Who ?

  • Do you have type 2 diabetes?

  • Are you 18-45 years of age?

  • Do you live in Montreal or Edmonton area?

Would you be interested in joining a research study that is trying to help people achieve diabetes remission?

Diabetes remission is the return to blood sugar levels below the diabetes range, even without glucose-lowering medications.

Previous studies succeeded in doing this with a temporary low calorie diet. We are looking at the effects of adding supervised exercise to preserve muscle mass and improve heart health.

People who achieve diabetes remission still need regular follow-ups as diabetes may return.

We sometimes call remission "reversal", even though it may come back

You will do the evaluations. You will see yout doctor as usual. After the final 6-month evaluation, we will offer you the low-calorie diet with shakes, bars and soups, as well as supervision from the study dietitian and physician. This may help you to improve your diabetes control and even reverse your diabetes.

You will do the evaluations. Your usual diabetes medications will be stopped. You will have 6 months of supervised exercise sessions and a low-calorie diet with shakes, bars, and soups. You will be followed by the study physician, exercise physiologist, and dietitian. After the study, you will return to your usual doctor for diabetes follow-up.

To hear more about the exciting opportunity of the RESET project, listen to Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta's interview on the Health Matters podcast:

Click here to listen to the full episode


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